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An experienced speaker and teacher, Phil Grasham, founder of Nathan's Tree Teaching, aims to deliver education and inspiration through seminars, training days, and courses.

My desire is that congregations, small groups, and individuals gain a greater understanding of biblical, cultural, and missional faith so that you can live out your discipleship wherever you are.

Get in touch to discuss ideas, needs, topics, and costs. Please note that I have a very flexible cost structure. This is the least important aspect to me so, if money is an issue, contact me anyway and we can dialogue!

Student paying attention


  • Barry – Birminham: “I wanted to thank you for the remarkable day we had with you. Your attitude to your teaching was inspiring and you did it with such humility. I came with a hardened heart because l have struggled over the last two months with my studies. I left on a spiritual high that has stayed with me. Thank you for going the extra mile on the course you had prepared and the easy way it was delivered. I was blessed and l know others who l spoke with enjoyed the teaching. I truly am looking forward to attending the next session."

  • Debs – Cheltenham: “Phil is brilliant; his lecturing is passionate, full of knowledge, but he’s also willing to pause to allow for questions”.


  • Revd Anthony – Oxford: “Everyone was very appreciative again of the material you offered them and the way you led the session, so thank you very much for that. I hope you will have opportunities in the future for you are clearly gifted.”


  • Yvonne – Sutton Coldfield: “Phil’s preparation was very thorough … It is obvious that Phil is a well-experienced trainer/speaker. He can very easily hold the attention of an audience and keep them engaged whilst delivering an upbeat presentation, helped by his personality, and great sense of humour.”


  • Matt – Bristol: “Phil has a great deal of practical spiritual wealth and wisdom to offer. Academic knowledge and spiritual advice, gained through many years of experience in Christian community and environments, was an asset to all.”

Stack of Books
  • Alex – Nuneaton: “Not only did Phil teach me loads, but he has inspired me to continue learning”


  • Steve – Didcot: “Thanks for all the wisdom and insight you have brought to mission training within the BMS family … It’s been great to have your insights and African experiences of mission as a resource to shape thinking and build preparation.”


  • Revd Hannah – York: “Phil has inspired me, challenged and excited me. As a result, I feel motivated to go and study more. Personally, I have moved from where I was to a new place.”


  • Peter – Maidstone: “It has been a pleasure to get to know you and see your passion … Your servant leadership and wisdom are a real gift to the body of Christ.”

  • Louise and Pete – Cirencester: “Thank you for sharing your wisdom, insights, and experiences with us … we have really benefitted from all that you taught us.”

  • Robert - Worcester: “Your explanations were excllent and interesting. You helped to shed more light on these subjects; moreover, you imputed a renewed zeal for the literature and history of the New Testament."

  • Becky - Birmingham: “Thank you for this morning, Phil. Great theology, clearly articulated and really poignant. Thank you for sharing your story so honestly, too. Every blessing."

Biblical Studies
  • Emily - Northampton: “It has been a pleasure to have been taught by you … not just the knowledge you have passed on, but the wisdom in which you have handled the Scriptures and the grace you have dealt us, all alongside a gentle and mindful teaching style I have had the joy to experience and draw inspiration from.”


  • Bob – Rugeley: “Over the years I have sat in many lectures, both secular and church related, and I can honestly say that yours were certainly in the top bunch! They were never dull or boring! I always came away better for being there and I always learnt something new … You have a real ability to communicate with credibility and knowledge. Thank you so much for enriching my learning process, both as a lecturer and a brother in Christ.” 


  • Gareth and Bethan – Cambridge: “Your training was inspirational and opened our eyes to see familiar scriptures, and, especially the Gospels, in entirely new ways. Always humble and yet always with so much wisdom and insight to offer, both in terms of understanding the Gospels as they were intended to be read and also thinking about application in a contemporary context.”

  •   Mat - Birmingham: "Thank      you so much for coming to    our church.  Your sessions      have been so beneficial          and received very                      positively by everyone. It        was great to hear you              again and you are a                  gifted person with so much    knowledge and insight. A        true blessing. Thank you!"



Your teacher - Phil  Grasham:
MA Kingdom Theology

I am a Bible teacher and writer with

- a Bachelor’s degree in Applied Theology and a Master’s degree in Kingdom Theology

- five years overseas mission experience in East and West Africa 

- eighteen years experience in teaching at undergraduate and diploma levels at Bristol Baptist College, Moorlands College, For Mission College, and Spurgeon's College (the latter two with whom I continue to teach)

- in October 2022, I had the privilege of being co-opted onto the CMJ UK trustee board (Church's Ministry Among Jewish People), and in July 2023, I was elected to serve a three-year term as a full trustee.


I speak regularly in local churches, lead seminars and training days. 

My passions include:  


Biblical Interpretation 

– especially of the Synoptic Gospels, as well as John's Gospel, and the rest of the New Testament. 

Encountering the First-Century World of Jesus of Nazareth

 including the importance of the Hebraic background to the New Testament, Jesus’ context and culture, messianism, the geography and history of the first century, and more.

Understanding Cross-Cultural Issues In Your Ministry and Outreach

– including contextualisation of the messenger, contextualisation of the message, cultural anthropology and worldview, honour and shame, and more.


Please note that all of these can be adapted for your specific needs.

A few extra points – I have employment experience from volunteer through self-employed to director level. I have had the privilege of being an elephant keeper at London Zoo, living in the Sahara Desert among Muslim nomads, and delivering our daughter when she decided it was time to face the world!

Why Nathan's Tree?

Nathan is our second child who only lived for 17 minutes before going to be with Jesus. He is 20 years old now and we look forward, one day, to seeing him again.

In the graveyard his ashes are buried, we planted a tree in his memory. This ministry is a testimony to God's faithfulness and our hope.

For my testimony of Nathan, click the button below.

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