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Visit Israel

Have you ever wanted to go to Israel?

Are you interested in visiting the sites connected to Jesus? 

Each year, I lead groups around the region of Galilee - including Caesarea Philippi and Capernaum - and around Jerusalem - including the Chapel of the Ascension and the Church of the Holy Sepulchre.  

The tours are seven days in length - usually Friday-Friday or Saturday-Saturday - in early November. 

The premise of these tours is to take people who, for whatever reason, would not normally be able to afford to go to Israel. 

All tours are carried out through Mark Madeley/MIB Travel, an experienced tour operator for the Middle East with contacts across Israel. Through teaching and times of prayer, we will get to know our Jewish Messiah as well as 'the land of the Book' so much better!

Please get in touch for more information.

"I cannot recommend a tour with Phil highly enough. His wisdom, care and spirit enriched theology literally changed the landscape of my faith in the faith-filled landscape of Jesus’ home."



Group photo November 2022


Above - Caesarea Philippi

Left - first-century Jerusalem street


Above - Korazin synagogue

Right - Teaching on the southern steps of the Temple Mount

Tour Testimonials

Anastra: “Best trip leader ever without a doubt. So patient, accommodating, caring, compassionate, flexible, knowledgeable, selfless, excellent teacher. So, yes, I would recommend Phil Grasham any time, any day.”


                                                 Louise: “The tour was more than I was expecting - the pace was perfect with plenty to                                                       see and do but also plenty of time reflecting and seeking God. It was excellent!”


Chris: “I would recommend a tour with Phil without a moment’s hesitation! He patiently and wisely led the many different personalities of the group and handled the various levels of understanding that each person had with care. His breadth of knowledge of the culture, language, and context of the Scriptures brought each place we visited to life. He has a rare ability to bring head and heart together, and I left Israel feeling very challenged about how I put those things into practice in my ‘every day’!”


                                                   Emily: “I would wholeheartedly recommend going on a tour with Phil. Everything                                                               beforehand was so well organised, meaning I didn't really need to worry about                                                                 anything other than arriving at the airport on time! The detailed information                                                                       beforehand helped to settle any nerves I had about travelling abroad. The teaching Phil                                                     gave whilst at the different sites helped me to connect the biblical text with the                                                                 geographical spaces, bringing alive passages I had read so many times before. It was a                                                     privilege to tour this land, led by someone so passionate and knowledgeable about                                                           Scripture, but equally with a heart to see each and every person meet with Jesus in a                                                         new way.”


Anil: “Phil put together an incredibly varied and exciting tour. We visited many of the sites where Jesus, himself, would have been and we were taken to many places that were brimming with historical and social importance. These helped us unveil the Scriptures and to uncover geographical and historical features that open the ancient dimensions to Scripture. Phil's expertise and insight into Ancient Near Eastern practices and culture, and ancient Jewish and rabbinic traditions and practices, brought the narratives in the Bible to life. Also, Phil's gift of teaching which he delivered at key sites led us into a greater sense of awe and wonder towards God and led us into greater worship of Yeshua the Messiah. Phil, thank you for being our rabbi on this tour.”


                                                 Kyra: “Phil helped to bring scripture alive, placing it against the backdrops in which we                                                     stood and taking time to delve into the significance of each site. He was gentle and                                                          patient with all of our questions and I would highly recommend an Israel tour with Phil!”


Manjeet: “I most definitely would recommend this trip. Being taught as we visited sites made everything come to life/more relevant/ poignant. Seeing how passages of scripture are linked and relevant to the places we visited woke me up from a slumber and made me excited again for God’s Word.”  


                                                Bob: “Phil's tour of Israel is simply a must for those wanting to go deeper in their                                                              relationship with God. His ability to bring scripture alive with understanding and                                                                application for today is both refreshing and empowering.” 


Andy: “Phil really cares about the tours he puts on and leads a trip that is more than just a site seeing tour, but a time to engage with God, resulting in a meaningful and life-enriching experience. Phil's genuine and kind approach to running our tour really fostered a friendly and 'low pressure' atmosphere which resulted in an enjoyable and meaningful experience. I can't speak highly enough of Phil as a tour organiser and leader. Phil finds a great balance between seeing important sites and having time to reflect both individually and as a group. I'd highly recommend a tour of the Holy Land with Phil.”

                                                  Ya'akov (Israeli tour guide): "In thirty years of being a tour guide, I have never learnt so                                                    much from one person. The details and the depth were wonderful."


Annette: “I would recommend going on tour with you. Your ability to connect the teachings of Jesus to the culture of the day was first-class. This tour has whetted my appetite for grounding my Christian faith in the birthplace of Jesus and for  understanding the complex culture(s) that make up today's modern Israel.” 

                                                 Marion: “Phil's teaching is what lifted the trip from a look at lots of piles of rocks to a                                                       truly spiritual experience. Praise God.”                                                



Left - Magdala synagogue

Right - Jerusalem market


Saturday – arrive in Tel Aviv and drive to Tiberias

Sunday – Capernaum, Magdala, Mount of Beatitudes, and Tabgha

Monday – Sepphoris, Mount Tabor, Mount Arbel, and Nazareth               Village

Tuesday – Caesarea Philippi, Kursi, Ginosar, and take a boat trip             on the Sea of Galilee

Wednesday – drive to Jerusalem via the Jordanian route,                         Jerusalem markets, and Mount Scopus

Thursday – Chapel of the Ascension, Dominus Flevit Church,                    Gethsemane and the Church of All Nations, Jerusalem                      Archaeological Park, Mount of Olives, and the southern steps          of the Temple

Friday – the Upper Room, the Pool of Siloam, the Church of the                 Holy Sepulchre, the Israel Museum, and the Shrine of the                   Book

Saturday – Christ Church (to meet Messianic believers), the                     Western Wall, the Temple Mount, and drive to Tel Aviv to fly             home

For group bookings (churches or colleges), all itineraries can be adapted to your specific requirements.

Anita: “I would 100% recommend an Israel tour with Phil. I found the preparation and planning prior to the trip to be easy and smooth, with Phil giving plenty of advice and support. Phil's itinerary was well-paced and thoughtfully chosen. During the trip, we had wonderful, rich teaching from Phil that was brought alive by our amazing locations ... in a Nazareth synagogue, on the Mount of Beatitudes, or an ancient Jerusalem street.”


From top left going clockwise:
1) View from Mount Arbel, 2) Touching Golgotha, 3) The 'Jesus Boat' at Ginosar, 4) Qumran, 5) Apostle Peter's house in Capernaum, 6) A model of a first-century tomb, 7) The Western Wall, 8) Paddling in the Sea of Galilee. 


Further Points

1. Prayer – I hope that as a result of coming on this tour you will know, love, worship, and serve Yeshua (Jesus) more than you did before. Also, the Spirit is the Spirit of unity. Usually, the people who come with me run along a spectrum of mainline churches. This means we may hold different theological ideas. It is important that we are inclusive and respectful of each other.


2. Involvement – it needs to be understood from the beginning that this is not a holiday – this trip will take you beyond mere site-seeing in the Holy Land. However, everyone should feel free to do as much or as little as they choose. Each day, our coach will leave the hotel each morning, so that we can visit several sites each day, and then return to the hotel each evening. Therefore, people cannot opt out of one site without opting out of a whole day. Of course, you are free to remain on the coach rather than visit a particular site if you so choose. Each evening, after we’ve eaten, we will gather together to review the day as well as discuss what we will be doing the next day. Also, we will share and pray together. The Lord may highlight all sorts of things on this tour, so it will be important to pray for one another. Please note that these evening get-togethers will be between half an hour and an hour long. People have found these valuable but they are completely optional.


3. Fitness – there will be a certain amount of walking each day. This is because our coach will be able to get us within striking distance of ancient sites but we will still need to go on foot to get to the sites themselves. Also, the best way to get around Jerusalem is to walk up and down the narrow streets. Note that we will not be hiking but it’s a good idea to be prepared to walk over rocky, uneven ground.


4. Culture – please remember that while Israel is a modern, developed nation, you will certainly encounter differences from the UK. We are going to a very different country with diverse cultures. These include different clothes, food, and material products. More significantly, they include different perspectives and different worldviews on personal space, gender roles, and, of course, religious beliefs. It is good to pray and ask the Lord for joy in any difficulties or misunderstandings. Also, you are not there on your own and it is encouraged that people look out for each other.

       Flights and Money 

We will fly from Luton Airport with EasyJet. If you come with me from there, I will organise and book your flights. If you prefer to fly from a different airport, you will need to book your own flight and you must be at Ben Gurion Airport (Tel Aviv) BEFORE the plane lands from Luton Airport. Our Israeli guide and coach will be coming to meet the EasyJet flight and we won't wait for you! 

The amount you will pay covers the following:

  • Flights to and from Israel with EasyJet (if applicable)

  • Being met at the airport and assistance on arrival in Tel Aviv (if flying with me)

  • Seven nights in two hotels – first, in Tiberias and secondly, in Jerusalem

  • Seven full Israeli breakfasts and seven evening meals at the hotels

  • Seven fully escorted touring days with an Israeli English-speaking professional tour guide

  • All entrance fees to the sites during our tour

  • All travel in our own air-conditioned tourist vehicle with an experienced driver


Therefore, ‘extra’ money will be needed for:

  • Travel/medical insurance

  • Seven lunches (an average lunch is £5-10)

  • Any other consumables

  • Any souvenirs you wish to purchase

  • Any tips you decide to give

  • Any additional items (e.g. passport renewal, electric adaptors, etc.).


Payments are made in three installments. The first payment books your seats on the two planes - there and back! This also acts as a deposit and secures your place on the tour. Then there will be two further payments to pay for the tour itself. I will send reminders and would appreciate payments being made on time. Unfortunately, if you have not paid the full amount six weeks before take-off, you will not be able to go.


Please note:

1. If you cancel your place, the airfare is non-refundable and you will forfeit a £300 deposit until eight weeks beforehand when there is an increasing scale of cancellation charges. For example, two days before departure would mean a cancellation charge of the full amount.

2. You need to be aware that should the dollar-pound rate fall, there may be an increase in the overall cost. This is most unusual, but it has happened once. 


If for whatever reason the tour is cancelled by our agent, then there is a refund. MIB Travel is a retail agent of Superstar Holidays (part of the El Al Israel Airlines Group, under their ATOL 2982). Superstar Holidays is also a member of ABTA (No.V5234). 

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